FotoFX lite + with macro editor

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Фото и видео Образ жизни
Разработчик LTD

Image Editing with Infinite Possibilities

The ONLY image editing app on the store where you can record your own macros and apply them to any image from your library or photo instantly with just a couple clicks.

For those wondering what a macro is – It’s allows you to record a sequence of multiple effects being applied to an image which you can then re-apply to another image when you want, simply & quickly and in the same sequence that they were originally applied.

Use the camera with real time effects - You look & see the effect applied to the camera viewer.

Add borders & Stamps to your pictures.

What are stamps? Includes things like smiley faces, hats, disguises, lips, and more stuff like that

Rotate, Scale, Adjust your pictures

Undo, Redo & add effects to favourites to save you trying to find it again.

Oh yeah and Macros.

A few other bits of info below & have fun, enjoy.

Effect Categories include
•F Transform

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